Architectural Sustainable Cast Stone Veneer

The Only Italian Eco-friendly BIO Stone Certified for Green Building



certificazione rivestimenti in pietra ricostruita per bioedilizia certificazione rivestimenti in pietra ricostruita per l'edilizia leagata alla sostenibilità ambientale certificazione rivestimenti in pietra privi di radiazioni
Biopietra ®’s entire range of products, manufactured in Italy for over 15 years are subject to strict controls in accordance with current European Standards: each and every item is guaranteed and certified in order to attest its quality. Beware of imitations and especially by those who self-declare themselves BIO based only on single laboratory tests without showing authentic and valid certifications. Your health is very important.
Kerma suggests an innovative range completion: a 360 ° service and contribution to the finishes of your home, maintaining in its porcelain stoneware that same ecological spirit that characterizes Biopietra ®.

Pietraviva gres porcelain stoneware: high quality and eco-friendly floorings and wall coverings.
Ecological and Natural
Reduced thickness
Easy to lay
Easy to clean
Made in Italy

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Watch our video and discover our BIO HEART
Discover Biopietra Design collection - Decorative lamps

Biopietra ® is also Chromotherapy

The magic of the Luminance light turns your emotions on

Rivestimenti in pietra per cromoterapia

Biopietra Luminance is the innovative solution that gives added value to your home with first class designer indoor stone décor with chromotherapy effects. Colours, in fact, affect our psyche and our body and their use is essential in order to decorate the rooms in which we live giving us more relaxing and enjoyable moments.

Thanks to Biopietra ® Luminance, the stone that lights up in the dark, you can live immersed in well-being. Taking advantage of the therapeutic qualities of chromotherapy our Luminance stone claddings offer you health and relaxation, regenerating your body and your mind with the colours of nature.
Rivestimenti in pietra per cromoterapia

Choose beautifully designed Italian Stone Veneer with a bio-Heart for a stunning and unique house

With our stone tiles you can finally give style and warmth to your home, without having to give up on quality

We combine, in fact, Green Building together with the latest design trends, but without forgetting that you spend the most enjoyable hours of your day at home. Our wall claddings and stone floorings create a warm and enveloping environment and turn your life into an oasis of relaxation.

Five minutes of reading will save your time during the installation, the end result will be optimal and your customer will be satisfied.

Biopietra ® al Cersaie 2014
Biopietra will be presenting its new Collection from 22nd to 26th September at Cersaie.
We will be providing a dedicated transport service, feel free to contact us at +39 0365 654437.

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