Architectural Sustainable Cast Stone Veneer

The Only Italian Eco-friendly BIO Stone Certified for Green Building



certificazione rivestimenti in pietra ricostruita per bioedilizia certificazione rivestimenti in pietra ricostruita per l'edilizia legata alla sostenibilità ambientale certificazione rivestimenti in pietra privi di radiazioni


- To distribute wall claddings/floors in bio-stone that respect the environment and human health;

- To make sure that the production cycle of the distributed products uses facilities that allow a reduction of energy consumption and come from green and renewable energy sources;

- To distribute products compatible with the environment , that cause minimum environmental impact during their entire life cycle.

Kerma guarantees that all products in the distributed collections conform to the technical requirements specifications set forth by the competent authorities and also meet the needs of both personal health and environmental protection.

For this reason all products distributed by Kerma are eco-compatible certified.

Five minutes of reading will save your time during the installation, the end result will be optimal and your customer will be satisfied.

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